Singer and songwriter Daniel Levi Viinalass

Wokecustoms influencer marketing: who do we collab with?

By Juhan Loorits

Singer and songwriter Daniel Levi Viinalass

Influencer marketing is hot right now, and we're attempting to get a piece of the action. As a result, we have established tight guidelines and standards for both parties.

Influencer marketing can be a treacherous path to take. You have a tie-in with someone else's product. If the individual with whom you collaborate has a controversy or has his or her name tarnished, you may be affected as well. It isn't always avoidable. It's possible that incorrect charges were made, or that you just didn't know everything about the influencer.

WRC driver Kalle Rovanperä

Wokecustoms strives to form partnerships that benefit both parties. As a result, we frequently come into contact with those who are willing to:

✅ Disrupt mainstream fashion

✅ Encourage its followers to be unique

We ensure that the influencer is honest with his or her followers and does not lie to them

We will not tolerate any form of dishonesty, hypocrisy, or discrimination.

Content creator Victoria Villig

Nonetheless, if you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us and we will be happy to talk with you. 🤠


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