Artis Low - Love & Fun

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Artis Low Love & Fun is a Wokecustoms first edition sneaker that has a fun and easy to wear design. Artis lows are unisex leather shoes, made for a comfy and true to size wear.

The new collection is made out of 4 different minimalist tattoo inspired designs. 


Shoes are true to size - if you wear a size 43, artis low size 43 will fit great. 

If you are deciding between 2 different sizes, pick the smaller size. 



The designs are handmade in Estonia using a heat pressed technique, Shoes are coated with a weather and waterproof finisher leaving the designs long lasting. 

Designs are on both outsides and not on the insides. 

"Artis Low" is written on both back heel tabs 

Processing time:

Adding the design to the pair is 3-5 days 

Shipping locally (Estonia) is 1-3 days 

Shipping Europe is 1-2 weeks 

Shipping international is 2-3 weeks 

PS: Shipping times can delay during holiday seasons! Please be sure to check the exact times with your post services.  Since the designs are handmade please wear them with care.