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CLEANSTEP KIT - optimal shoe cleaning kit for all the materials (fabric, canvas, leather, suede, nubuck, etc)

The kit includes all the necessary products for an easy & hassle-free shoe cleaning at home:

1 x TARRAGO Sneakers Cleaner, enough to clean up to a 100 pairs

1 x CLEANSTEP Premium shoe brush

1 x CLEANSTEP microfiber cloth

1 x CLEANSTEP shoe tree (stretcher)

How to use:

1. Pour half a small bowl of lukewarm water and make the brush wet (no need to make the whole shoe wet!)

2. Spray the cleaner on to the brush ( 2-3 sprays max)

3. Brush the shoe so that it gets nicely soapy and clean

4. Remove the foam and dirt with microfiber cloth so that the rest of the cleaning product and moist will be sucked by the cloth

5. Put the shoes to dry inserting the shoe stretchers to keep the form.

6. Dry the shoes in a well ventilated room, avoid direct sunlight.

NB! Shoelaces can be cleaned with the Tarrago cleaner as well. Spray the product on the laces and brush them with the brush between your hands. Rinse them with lukewarm water and dry the laces with microfiber cloth.