Artis Low Collection

Artis Low is the first sneaker model made by Wokecustoms to offer a fast and an affordable solution for custom sneakers. 

The story behind this name is that through experience, style changes and constant development, a model we call Artis lows has been completed.⁠

The name "Artis" is inspired by the Latin word ars, artis - experience, skills, methods and crafts. The term "Artis" also contains the word "Art," which for us signifies the full combination of "Artis" meanings to produce something that is continuously changing and fresh.⁠

The first Collection consists of 4 different minimalist designs made by hand in our studio in Estonia. Designs are covered with a weather and waterproof solution. 

Sizes range from 38-45.5 and are true to size

(if you wear a size 38 you should get a size 38).

Sneakers are made and shipped out in 3-5 business days.