Our story

It all began with a fascination with shoes and an urge to draw. In 2019, almost no one in Estonia had kept up with the accelerating trend in the United States, so I decided it was time to get on board. The beginning was not as straightforward as one would expect.


Juhan Loorits

Much had to be learned due to a lack of expertise in both business development and general art. As a practical person, I skipped the market analysis and all of the required techniques and goods, and I was able to start painting right away. Little did i know this was not the cheapest way to go. In the first pairs the layers of paint became too thick, in the latter too thin and in the third the color did not remain at all. Then I realized that maybe I should do some research before selling a pair to anyone. Shortly after learning the products and practicing new techniques, I felt that I was almost beginning to understand how to best paint my shoes.

It was unquestionably a learning experience for me. The next challenge was coming up with ideas for designs. How to create as many different designs as possible and sell them all. The response was the Chinese marketplace. Since it was so much cheaper to order shoes and test on them I found it really helpful financially. Pair of shoes has four sides, I was able to create four different designs for one pair and sell each design separately. Then it was all about the designs itself. From the experience I got from not doing my research I now knew better. (Fortunately and for your understanding we did not sell chinese market products!)

Fast forward 1.5 years, and I spent the entire month of December cramming orders into my tiny office.  A few nights were definitely postponed. 

Today Wokecustoms has relocated to an actual office, and a girl named Pia has joined the team, demonstrating her passion for shoe design.




We use water-based acrylic paints to paint our shoes. Most designs are entirely hand-painted, depending on the style. To ensure the most efficient and best outcome, we use layouts to create texts and more detailed lines. After painting, a protective coating is applied to the shoes to avoid paint damage and loss of quality.


Many of the designs in the store were already completed for previous clients. All of the items are also identical to the ones seen in the images. We offer personalized solutions in addition to the store's items. When you purchase from our shop, the price includes shoes. It is also possible to create a design for your already existing new shoes if desired.


All of the designs are made by hand in Estonia.