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In collaboration with CLEANSTEP we now offer deep cleaning and restoration on worn and dirty sneakers. With the service, we mainly use steam cleaning and cleaning products specially developed for steam cleaning. These products are perfect for restoring and cleaning Your worn out sneakers. We also perform cosmetic restoration work on the pairs (scratch removal, color correction). We also clean / whiten and paint the soles of sneakers. All the products used are produced in Italy.



STEP 1: Order Our Restoration & Cleaning service add cleanstep shipping when checking out.

STEP 2: We will provide You with all the information You need in order to ship the pair and receive it looking brand new

STEP 3: Look Fresh and Happy knowing You didn’t have to buy a brand new pair!

PS: We offer this service ONLY IN ESTONIA. After ordering please wait for a confirmation email (takes up to 12h).

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